Storybook Glen
Always Looking for a Better Way

Offering Northwest Arkansas Services based in Madison County, Arkansas


Storybook Glen is located out in the woods - way out in the woods. Like many others, we chose the remote location, partly because we love country living, but also because long ago, we chose to live differently.

Right from the very beginning of our family - actually before the beginning - before Bob and Sally Marshall were married, they found themselves always questioning the status quo. This led to always looking for another way - a better way. That's about the essence of this website. It is designed to share our lives, offer what we have learned, and encourage other people who also look for a better way. We don't pretend to have all the answers, but we have found some. Perhaps this web site can be a way for people of like mind to connect.

Early on, we learned that people who live this far out have to either be rich or self sufficient in order to maintain and repair their home and grounds. Hiring work done by city dwelling repairmen costs an astronomical amount just for their travel. Many refuse to even entertain the thought.

So - we realized we had to learn to do it ourselves. Being home educated allowed us to concentrate on developing those skills, each individual following their own inclination. Research done, courses taken, classes attended, experience achieved. There became quite a collection of skills. With time, we began to work for customers. Marriages doubled the work force. It's been decades now, and we offer a diversity of services all done with excellence.

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- Services -- services offered to home and business owners - custom carpentry, natural hoof care for horses, custom wreaths. 

- Stories and Books -- The writings here, might thrill you, anger you, or make you laugh. They won't leave you bored or blandly smiling.