About Us

Storybook Glen
A Location, A Family, A Way of Life

The name "Storybook Glen" happened gradually over time. First to take credit are the carpenters who built our home. They dubbed it a "storybook house," and it is located in a glen, also called a holler in these parts. As my five homeschooled children grew and moved into adult pursuit, most becoming self employed, we had to have an identity for our location - even a way to just answer the phone for multiple businesses. "Storybook Glen" we became.

But there is another reason for the name. Right from the beginning, having trashed the TV nearly forty years ago, stories and books of all kinds became very important to us. This website is testament to the way of life that can arise when that happens. Today banishing the tube or at least ignoring it is trendy, but forty years ago it was a rash move. I sort of consider my whole family the result of a forty year experiment. What is life like when you remove that major influence? You know, it's an idol. It's designed to control how we spend money. In doing that, it controls almost all our behavior. It's the authority, it's the advisor, it's the example. If you watch it, it's your God. A whole new life opens up without it. Options abound, novel solutions appear, ways to peace show up. All in all - a much better way. A way toward peace.

Tidings of Peace

We here at the Glen have learned peace is a paradox. So many people picture peace as something akin to knitting in a rocking chair or playing a harp behind those pearly gates. To me peace is dynamic and exciting.There is safety in peace, but not the kind we normally practice out of fear of harm. Risk, danger, trial and error are essential for anyone to mature. Safety allows that. The tactics of war have been emphasized. Those of peace should have at least equal time. It's an art lost long, long ago, and it's time to go find it.

We love to cater to those people who, like us, are searching for a better way. The ones who, upon believing they have found greater truth, will change their lives to honor it.