J. Brian Marshall


Natural Trimming
(Natural Hoof Care)

(Barefoot Trimming)

Serving Northwest Arkansas

(2017 price list at page bottom)

Natural trimming is becoming much in demand. So beneficial for any horse's feet, it's also very therapeutic for horses with hoof wall separations where thrush or white line disease is involved.  It is good for horses with thin soles that bruise easily, because it helps preserve and build the natural callus of the hoof. Horses with under-run/crushed/contracted heals or severe flaring also greatly benefit. Natural trimming has so many benefits that I use it as primary hoof care.

My name is Brian Marshall. I'm a 1991 graduated from the Oklahoma Horseshoeing School, I've been shoeing and trimming horses ever since. So I'm a farrier, but I'm also a horseman, horse trainer, showman and show judge. I have over 30 years experience riding, watching, listening, and caring for horses. Horse hoof care has to fit the situation, right? I know each of my clients is different and I know each horse is special. I will do what is needed to fit the situation. As a farrier, I give you custom service. If you have any questions about what "natural hoof care" means, just give me a call. I'll be glad to explain.

As a Farrier my professional expertise extends to:

Cold shoeing
Hot shoeing and forge work
Therapeutic shoeing
Horses with laminitis and other lameness
Shoeing draft horses
Mules and mule shoes
Standard and natural trimming

But....... Now I exclusively do natural hoof care


Clinics, Talks, Demo's, Personal Coaching

Yes, I do give lessons, clinics, talks and demonstrations. You may be a horse owner, a rider, a trail riding club, a 4H club, or a horse show association wanting to better educate your membership. I'll do a presentation or an open forum question/answer session pertaining to hoof care. If you're a farrier, yes, I coach other farriers on natural hoof care. For more information call me and ask for Brian 479-677-2679.

Questions You May Have About Me

Q. Do you Beat Horses?
A. No I never beat horses -- ever!

Q. Do you discipline horses you work on?
A. Yes, I do -- sometimes a tap or calculated jab in the ribs to get their attention. I only hit a horse if they bite, kick or they're going to literally use me for a seat cushion. I never discipline in anger.

Q. Do you use behavioral drugs on horses to shoe them?
A. 2 Part Answer. 1. I never personally drug horses under any circumstance. Any drugs used during a procedure will be administered by a veterinarian, under veterinary supervision only, per veterinary recommendation. 2. Only for special cases such as horses with serious Laminitis (Founder) might I recommend using some kind of pain killer. But - I never have yet.

Q. Do you give horses trimming/hoof care training lessons?
A. Yes I do. A training session costs the same as an actual work session.

Q. Do I make emergency calls?
A. Yes I do.

Q. Do emergency calls cost more?
A. Yes, absolutely.

Q. Will you work with a Vet on a lame horse?
A. Yes, I prefer to work with a vet when dealing with a lame horse.

            New 2017
      Service Price List

I now charge a $40.00 service call fee.
Please figure cost of your horse's hoof care
plus $40.00 dollars for the service call.

Natural Trims $40.00
Cash Price $35.00

Trimming Lessons for green horses-$60.00 per hour.

Horse Training Lessons - $60.00 per hour.

Natural Hoof Care Classes For Horse Owners
Because distance and situations vary- call for price.

For More Information
Call 479-677-2679 
and speak to Brian Marshall
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