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Some of the writings below are printed in full and are free. Other than claiming authorship of them, use them any way you like. If you have seen the home page you understand I'm sort of a renegade and this website is not standard run-of-the-mill fare. All the stories and books reflect that. The categories are in bold. The titles are in green. Click on the title to see more.

Other books, brochures, and stories will eventually appear some still free, others that will be for sale.

Education After teaching four years, in despair I knew I had to educate my own at home. This section of my stories will grow as I have time, but the article below is a beginning.* If It Ain't Fun, Forget It - Published June 1998, Home Education Magazine, under the pen name Sally Barnes -- A mother of five tells how her degree in education wasn't enough to make her homeschool successful and what she did to change that with six simple steps.

Game of War It extends into everything we do. We think it normal - even desired. But it is not the way to peace. * Game of War - An explanation of the three components of war - the antithesis of peace. By eliminating the habitual behavior of war, we will quit blocking peace.


For All Churches - Repent& Be One There can be no group unity when those in the group
choose division within. themselves.

These articles were specifically written for the church denomination in which I was reared, but they apply universally to any and all Christians.

 The Master's Template
 Template and Section 86, Not By Commandment
 Shepherd, Sheep, Company Men, Staying on the Rails no Matter What

I call the three articles below The Trilogy. The God given testimonies that proved to me that first God is real, and then what Jesus is all about, and lastly how to hear the voice of the Spirit.

The Organ Loft

The Ant Road

Teach Me Your Voice