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Word of Wisdom:  
Not by Commandment
Use Template

Sally Marshall




I am 75 years old and a woman. In many circles that makes me useless on two counts. In this Covid world of 2021, it makes me excess. But age is experience, and there are still some who can learn from the mistakes and success of others. To this end, I write this testimony of combining my wisdom, achieved from my own mistakes and successes, with the Word of Wisdom, a “not by commandment” contribution from the Lord God,  which today, if not largely ignored, is used for debate and division.


God did not give us the Word of Wisdom so we could have one more thing to fight over. He gave it to us so we could, through diet, escape the harm caused by conspiring men messing with our food. The message is for the "weak," not implying that the strong can ignore it, but that with spiritual strength, we can go beyond it. "The Master's Template" (click to read first) is about developing that strength, and the Word of Wisdom is hugely significant to the process. It is the first absolutely necessary step. My reasoning for these words follows.




Since the Beginning of Time  


Once, at a JCRB conference, I heard about representatives from an African delegation who remarked upon the eating habits they were observing. They said if they ate like that at home, they would become very ill. I tell this only to bring up this much debated subject of eating - part of our example testimony to the world. "The Master's Template" calls attention to it. So does the book of Genesis. The subject of eating has been a thorn in the side of God's people ever since the very beginning of mankind. I believe it highly significant that in the story of creation, the very first sin was perpetrated upon man's relationship with God through the mechanism of eating the wrong thing.


Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth?


Eating when and what we shouldn't, just because we want to, is called gluttony. It's akin to greed and lust. The Word of Wisdom was received in 1833, and by now even the secular world is becoming more and more aware of its emphatic message about eating. Do we somehow think we are above it all? Is that accepting the wise gift God gave us in the Word of Wisdom?

So much of the time, it becomes an argument over coffee. I'm not going there. There are too many more important obvious issues that need to be addressed. The word of wisdom is divine instruction, calling us all to the task of stewardship (through diet) over the first temporal gift God gave us, our temple, body and brain, the structure that houses our mind and spirit, warning that the task will not be an easy one because of worldly corruption designed to thwart us. It is not a concise formula to success. It doesn't claim to be. To the contrary - it claims otherwise.

Not by Commandment


Many justify avoiding the Word of Wisdom message. Please, don't give me this "not by commandment" bit. If Jesus Christ walked beside you and made a mild suggestion of some little thing that would benefit you in any way, would you not hop to with a salute?

Folks, it was given "not by commandment," because the conspiracies of this world have so messed with what we eat, that only by following the Spirit's guiding voice can we find our way past that ever changing, escalating corruption and on to health.

I, for example, through template pursuit have found that I am gluten intolerant; diagnosed genetically gluten intolerant, not the gluten intolerant fad where you indulge in equally or more harmful “gluten free” processed foods. This is not because wheat two centuries ago would have been bad for me, but because modern hybridization has created a grain that makes more profit today, but also makes people fat and sick (almost all people - read the book Wheat Belly - May 2011). That gluten intolerant "fad" is not wrong, just flawed because of partial pursuit. Now that my damaged gut has healed, the old Einkorn wheat does not seem to have the same effect on me despite the diagnosis. 

Yes, "not by commandment." I am not commanded to eat wheat. But the section is emphatically telling us to take care of our bodies by watching what we do eat. Not by commandment as a king to an unwilling servant, but by loving advice as an all knowing, respected friend to a fellow friend. Which would you rather be - servant or friend?

I seems to me that two opposing camps have established themselves over the interpretation of the Word of Wisdom, and I think both are flawed. Those who opt out as above are mistaken, but so are those who somehow think it should be followed to the letter as the be-all/end-all of eating.

The section really begins in the preamble with the words in quotes. When someone excuses him or herself by using the words "not by commandment," only partial regard is given to the preamble. Shouldn't the rest of it have equal time? Ignoring it leads to great confusion.

What about the very last sentence in the preamble. "Given for a principle, with promise; adapted to the capacity of the weak, and the weakest of all Saints, who are or can be called Saints." This sentence reveals the true purpose of the revelation and also the implied importance of template pursuit.

"A principle with promise" is a general guideline. It is not a specific, guaranteed step by step formula to success. If pursued it will bring benefits, but only people pursuing template will find the individualized requirements for their own true health. Do not make an idol of the Word of Wisdom. It does not replace having a personal relationship with God and pursuing His intended path for you. Don't judge anyone else who is finding a different interpretation while they are making the effort to understand and obey.

Who are "the weak?" What does God call strong? Is He talking about muscles? Is he talking about intelligence? No, He's talking about a relationship with Him. If people are not able to find answers through their connection with God, the guidance of Holy Spirit, they need a formula. They're not ready to do the spiritual work. No trial and error, no confirmation from Holy Spirit, no experimenting upon the word, no research, no logic, no pondering. They are babes at true spiritual pursuit, and they want an easy-to-understand plan. So, a general principle is given for beginners and of course also as the beginning basics for those further along in template pursuit. Are you a weak beginner? Do you think God means for you to stay that way?

Why do we have to war? God is not wanting us to fight over drinking coffee. He's wanting us to reject the arm of flesh. He's begging us to take responsibility for the health of our body, because if we leave it up to someone else, we'll be in trouble. He gives a few surprisingly inspired guidelines that the mind of man couldn't have forecasted in 1833, and if we use them as a beginning guide, they become a foundation principle with great physical and spiritual promise.

The Principle of the Thing  


So, let's take a look at that inspired general principle. But first, so we can see the emphasis, a short lesson on public presentation is necessary. Bob, my late husband, taught me this long ago in his own terms. It was his #1 rule for any message. 

"First you tell'em what you're gonna tell'em.
Then you tell'em.
Then you tell'em what you told'em."


Like good journalism, right at the beginning of the message you put the main point or points you are trying to convey. Then you add the body of your persuasion. Then you sum it up and usually end on a positive note. The Word of Wisdom follows this rule. Its first words of the preamble and including verse 1a makes the main point. Then comes the body of the message. The last words emphasize the promise of the first and end with a very, very positive note. 


Verse 1a sets the stage and is the context from which all the rest of the message should be viewed. It speaks about the consequence of evils and designs of conspiring men. 

​Those evil designs are the reason the Word of Wisdom doesn't give a commanded guaranteed formula. Conspiratorial corruption causes our food choices today to be different from that of the past. Would God have told people in the 1800's to not eat something, just because it would be bad for them nearly two centuries later? Things have deteriorated dramatically in even the last two decades, escalating and becoming so convoluted as to where and how deep the conspiracy is found. Of course, God knew that would happen, but it would have been ridiculous in 1833 for the knowledge of future corruption to determine the eating habits of that time. And if all of that future corruption were exposed, the whole D&C would have been monopolized with that theme alone. The Word of Wisdom is telling the weakest of us to watch what we eat by starting with the Section 86 basics. Doing that, we have set a good foundation principle. 


The Wisdom of 1833 is Current  


I have pursued alternative medicine for over five decades. Mainstream medicine is very powerful in the field of acute illness and trauma, but in the field of chronic, degenerative, and critical illness it is woefully lacking, assuming it inevitable. It’s about two decades behind in the field of nutrition which is so very necessary for healing degenerative ills. So if the trend holds, and the alternative world is now where mainstream will be in twenty or thirty years, those words will, by then, prove to be right on the mark. That's of course assuming that conspiracy and corruption lose their hold. Maybe we'll even go back to Einkorn wheat. 

Saying that, today's wheat, although corrupted as grain, in its grass form, is still used to heal humans, and when done appropriately, it can be part of a cure for cancer. Now, having read that, don't go downing wheat grass juice indiscriminately. That's a mistake. Cancer is big gun stuff. No quick fixes or easy outs. There are very successful, non-toxic, alternative approaches, but you must take responsibility, research, get advice from experts, and in the process become one yourself. All in all, it's best to just not go there. Nip things in the bud. Don't stall around until it's time for big guns. It's best to get yourself healthy now and stay that way for as long as possible. The information is everywhere. No ostrich act allowed. 

"Flesh of Beasts and Fowls" – Sparingly Used  


Do you suffer outside in summer heat? Cut out the meat. I learned this from my son. He worked in a sawmill for a couple years during the worst days of the recession in the early 2000’s. He culled, threw, and stacked fresh cut lumber 8 hours a day. He ate lots of raw vegetables, rice, cooked potatoes, but no meat. He found out the hard way that meat wouldn't work in the heat. 

Of course, in the cold, the heat generated by eating a little meat is not so unwelcome. But too much meat strains our pancreas, and that's bad. The pancreas makes enzymes that digest protein and not only dietary protein. Those enzymes also dissolve the protective protein sheath coating the millions of microscopic malignant tumors happening all the time in our bodies. If too much "high octane" dietary protein (meat and other animal protein) exhausts all those pancreatic enzymes, how does the immune system get through that sheath to wipe out the beginning malignancy? It can't.


Also, meat makes us stink. Cut it out, and once its byproduct toxins are cleared, perspiration is free of offensive odor. No need for pore-clogging deodorant. If you're a big meat eater, clearing those toxins will take quite a while. 

Eating meat requires killing animals, and reverence for life includes them too. Considering the huge emphasis on meat in today's standard diet, feeding the general populace requires appalling, abusive, mass slaughter on a scale that has absolutely no reverence for animal life nor regard for their suffering during that life and at the time of slaughter. Money is all that matters.


Natural, wild-caught fish is not warned against in the Word of Wisdom (just be careful of farmed fish and mercury in big fish like tuna). Neither are products such as milk and eggs that are still considered animal protein but don't require slaughter. They can supply all the nutrients found in meat, B-12 being the main concern. The present consensus in alternative medicine is that sparing use of animal protein is acceptable in healthy people but not in the seriously ill. All animal protein, including milk and eggs, is eliminated for people with serious degenerative illness until the time that full health is restored. Animal protein is stress, and a sick body can't take it. 


"Herbs in the Season Thereof"


We think of basil as being an herb and it is one, but really the definition of "herb" is a plant that does not develop a woody stem. Trees and bushes are not herbaceous. But plants that grow in a typical garden are all herbaceous, and the foods they make are  herbs. The Word of Wisdom sets them apart for man's use, particularly using the word "constitution." That word is very important. Just as the wording of the Constitution of the United States was so critically important to the nation's health, so are the food choices we make crucial to the state of our body. This inspired word is saying to use plant foods to control the workings of our body. Hippocrates would agree with this. Yes, he is most famous for the oath doctors take to enter their profession, but perhaps those doctors need the following quote more. "Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food." In 1833 God was clueing us in to the fact that food, right out of the garden, is the key to health. Too bad those doctors missed that. Of course, you can't patent and therefore control vegetables, so using them as cures will not make trillions of dollars.

But to make those huge fortunes, man has to copy herbs. That's right. Almost all medications started out as plants. But plants can't be patented. So, chemists got smart and started to isolate the active ingredients and to synthetically duplicate them so they could sell them at premium prices. It worked for a while, but then it backfired. No one realized then those bacteria are actually smart and learn how to resist destruction. Now, so many illnesses are drug resistant that many pharmaceutical companies are throwing up their arms and giving up. Many no longer try to even find new antibiotics. Guess what. The original plants still work. A whole new field is opening up. Now we know there is no way to "isolate" the "active" ingredients, and there is a synergy among all the plant constituents that enables the whole herb to heal where sophisticated isolated drugs could not. Arm of flesh versus arm of the Lord.

“In the Season Thereof”


“In season" is understood as best nowadays. We have to understand that canned, frozen, processed food is not "in season." Those are methods of preserving food so that we can eat them out of season. In season food can be eaten fresh. If food is eaten in season and fresh, the nutritional value does not have time to fade. It doesn't take long for that to happen. If you have ever gardened and harvested ripe food from it, how long can you keep that food before it goes bad? Not long, right? So go figure. Out of season food has to be greenhouse grown, picked green, made to look ripe, and transported long distances without shriveling or rotting. Growing your own is best, but so is eating it fresh.

But many can't garden, and even if you can, it doesn't work for all things and year-round. In that case, organic is the only way to go. Concern for profit motivates skullduggery with food, but the requirements for the organic label are very strict, designed to protect. Not pesticided, not herbicided, not irradiated, not waxed with petroleum-based oil, not genetically modified, and without those gimmicks it has to be shipped with expediency. If you can't grow it, buy organic. No, the Word of Wisdom doesn't say that. It is a slight but obvious step beyond the basics, upon understanding the extent of conspiracy.

But organic food costs so much! You're right. But just the red tape organic growers have to wade through jacks up their price, and without all the food preserving gimmicks, growers have to really hustle. Labor is often by hand not machine. Time is of the essence. Just imagine doing your organic home gardening on a scale to serve thousands, and you will understand. But then - why should quality be important in our clothes, our cars, our toys and TVs, but not in our food? Shouldn't it be the other way around? Cheap food is not a bargain. Even small-scale home-grown food requires big investment.

Like the word "organic," the word "raw" is not specifically used in the Word of Wisdom either, but it needs to be spoken for as much as "organic." Raw food is full of health giving, not yet heat-destroyed enzymes and nutrients. And the cells of raw food are alive. Cooked is killed. It's hard to maintain life by eating dead stuff. Yes, you can eat a baked potato. Yes, you can enjoy soup. But be sure to put huge emphasis on raw food. The only way you will learn that is to go there. When the word "raw" is used, most think "salads." Most salads today are awful boring fare, but they don't have to be. And there's a whole world of "raw" outside of standard salad.

You say you don't like "ripe, organic and mostly raw." You can't give up the French fries, Snickers, meat, and starch. I say that's just a matter of perspective. The Jews in the concentration camps were thankful to sneak dirt covered raw potatoes directly out of the fields they were working. They were hungry. People that are hungry will happily eat most anything. People that are spoiled and satiated have to have gimmicks, like oil, salt and sugar to even want to eat. Believe me, if you cut out the junk, your body knows how to become hungry for real, in season, and even raw food. And if you're still not hungry for healthy food, just don't eat. This will quickly motivate you toward the put-off pursuit.


Now Before It's Too Late


I used to be a meat, potatoes, sugar girl. In my twenties I began to be ill. Over time I reversed that. I still do research and experiment with exercise, alternative cures, and de-tox cleansing. Doing this, I can't avoid awareness of the corruption, disguised toxins, and taste tempting no-noes. For me, pursuing health is part of my particular template path and I will never be done with it, but everyone needs to at least take responsibility for what they eat. I want to encourage anyone disregarding the Word of Wisdom to repent before it's too late.

By choosing to pursue it and become strong in that pursuit, you can enjoy the extraordinary health and stamina promised in its final words, and if you are already ill in any way, pursuing it is the only way to begin the healing process. Our body is programmed to self-heal. Our creator did that. All we have to do is act accountable for that gifted process, enabling it, rather than shutting it down.

Two Questions


For anyone who feels callous disregard for the Word of Wisdom, I ask the two following graphic and somewhat offensive questions.

Imagine yourself in a spy movie situation - the guest of someone who is smilingly tempting you with a delicious looking treat that you know is laced with poison. Would you gladly partake of it? That's called suicide, right? Somebody doing it on their own time is considered mentally deranged. So, one is spy movie fast, and the other is junk food slow. In the end, what's the difference? Isn't it still suicide?

In Corinthians, Paul calls the human body a temple. Christ too called his body a temple. Then there are man-constructed edifices that are called temples. A temple, whether God-built or man-built, is a sacred place, to be treated with the utmost respect and maintained in keeping with its holiness. If anyone feels it's permissible to abuse our bodies with trashy food, would you also feel the same about loading up your household refuse and dumping it in the Kirtland Temple or the temple of the Community of Christ, or one of the Mormon temples? What's the difference? Isn't it still defiling a sacred temple?

Temporal to Spiritual
The Forgotten Skill of Letting Go


The words "temple" and "template" come from the same root word. "Temporal" is closely related. They're all pieces of the puzzle. The steps required for temporal salvation precede the steps required for spiritual salvation. The Word of Wisdom is the first temporal step, and it deals with our temple. It's addressing the first step away from temporal sin and spiritual destruction.

By controlling what we eat, we set a stewardship precedent that carries over into everything else we do. We know that. We can't turn it down. We can feel it. By controlling what we do eat, we learn to let go of what we shouldn't eat. That skill, the ability to let go, is what it's all about everywhere. It begins with letting go of gluttony; that "got to have it" feeling. Subconsciously it is deeply ingrained to know that food is essential. Satan has used that deep awareness to be opportunistic. He gives things a half twist - ammunition to shoot down appropriate eating - a reason that makes it appear acceptable. It's not labeled "poison." It's labeled something else, like "satisfaction", or "happiness", or "energy", or "acceptance and influence." Actually, it's real purpose is to destroy us, and to keep us from learning about letting go. If we can't let go, we can't really repent, and Satan likes that. He uses it. He did it at the beginning of time, and he's still doing it now. Will he succeed?


Just like Pinocchio, lured to that world of tempting treats, we gleefully indulge and rebel when anyone suggests we abstain. But also, like Pinocchio, we are choosing to not fulfill our creator's intent for us, and we become sorry victims of evil design. Although at first, it's fun, it won't be in the end.

But if we can learn, in this realm of eating, which is so ingrained in us, to let go of our own agenda to follow our Lord's agenda, then it is easier to let go of other "got to have it" things and behavior like "got to have this temper tantrum," "got to use bad language," "got to over-socialize," "got to snooze," "got to have control," "got to have that dress, toy, tool, pet," "got to have a perfect white knight or a beautiful princess," "got to escape into other inappropriate habits and thoughts." Letting go has to begin somewhere and in the Word of Wisdom, God is saying it begins with food. It's square one and if we can learn self-discipline in our diet, it will carry over into all other aspects of stewardship and beyond. This makes a person who God can work with.


Hidden Treasure

So - not only does following template in our Word of Wisdom pursuit lead us toward health in the physical body, but obedience to this temporal law affects the spiritual also. In the final "tell'em what you told'em" words of the section, that becomes clear.

Those final words repeat the beginning message of temporal salvation, then take us to another realm. It says we "shall find wisdom and great treasures of knowledge, even hidden treasures" This implies the mystery of the spiritual world.

There are a few experts in the world of alternative medicine that will, in their writing, connect physical diet with spirit. They mention the importance of keeping our bodies clean and not touching the unclean. They believe they have witnessed a type of supreme understanding endowed upon those who will do this. Of course, this is subjective. It's not something that can be measured and quantified scientifically with double blind experiments. But we know that "all things are spiritual." Perhaps we just don't fathom how important the physical is to the spiritual. Or maybe we just don't want to go there.

But the final words of the revelation do go there. And they surely do end with a positive note. The very last ones will blow your socks off. "The destroying angel shall pass by them, as the children of Israel, and not slay them." I reel and wonder at those words. Questions enter my head. Is that for people who have been totally pure in diet since birth and have not defiled their temple body? Or could it be for people like me who for the first 30 years of life, out of ignorance, participated in abusing health and then scramble to undo the damage later in life?

What a promise for those who will pursue. Definitely a positive note to end the message. But it is more than a positive note, and possibly the answers to the questions in my head have to do with the "hidden treasure" of the spiritual.

Passover Promise in the Word of Wisdom


Using the phrase "destroying angel" is peculiar and significant. Lots of other phrases could have been used to convey a similar message, such as "terminal illness" or "avoiding death." But they weren't God's choice of words.

As mentioned before, in the creation story, we see disobedience to God's eating instructions causing death and the fall from His presence, making atonement necessary. Then when God's people were in bondage to the Egyptians, we see that God gives more instruction for the liberation process including a specific set of dietary rules for that specific time. Also, the blood of a young, freshly slaughtered lamb was to be painted on the lintel as a sign to the destroying angel of a protected people.


That whole event is analogous of Christ's sacrifice to save us from the fall. I know that, but I also believe the Passover will be repeated. It was a type and shadow. God's people, to be ready, need to be well versed in it. Maybe that's why it was to be celebrated forever, not necessarily in the strict Jewish tradition, but nevertheless giving it due regard and consigning it to memory. Do we do that?

The mention of the destroying angel in the Word of Wisdom is not by accident. It is again instruction for the liberation process of God's people, freeing us from the bondage of Babylon. Now Christ's blood has been shed, and if we will claim its power and follow the new dietary instructions, is it not another spiritual sign of a people to be protected and preserved?


Which Choice is Right for You?
My Rule of Thumb


With the conflict between mainstream medicine and alternative medicine, we must remember that all of them, to exist, have to be part of Babylon. Alternative medicine tries to stay "pure" but those guys are making a living too, and usually off what they sell, be it information or products. Either method of care has so many different optional treatments for any one symptom. You can be snowed under with options. I suppose that's why so many make the mistake of letting other people be the boss of their body. But you own and live in and suffer along with your body and are the only one who knows how it is feeling. You are the decider. How do you choose your path?

I have a rule of thumb for weaning truth out of the flood. It's God. If it's close to what God did then it's closest to truth. For example, if you are nutritionally deficient as most people are, it's like your health savings account is in the red - nothing to operate on and no reserves. It needs more than to be brought up to zero. It needs an overabundance of nutrients from which to pick and choose what it needs. It's best to get extra nutrients from juicing real food than from taking vitamins. God made the real food, not the vitamins. Vitamins can go right through you unused, or worse, lodge in the wall of the gut - held there by hardened sludge accumulated from poor eating habits. Also, vitamins are always coming out in the newest, latest form that includes some freshly discovered necessary ingredient that makes the rest more assimilable. God had that ingredient in the food right from the start along with others that are yet to be discovered in the future.


 Since the 1920's it's been known. Juicing is best for boosting nutrition. By removing the filling fiber, a huge amount of God-made liquid nutrition can be obtained in even a pint of fresh vegetable (not much fruit) juice. If you are fortunate enough to not be nutrient deficient, that is to say - completely healthy, eating the real food, fiber and all, is better than manmade vitamins and energy bars with extra fiber added. For me God's created nutrition plan is the determining factor. See how your diet measures up.

Two-Edged Sword


To be fair, I have to tell you this. There is one big drawback to healthy eating. Pursuing it is a two-edged sword. I learned this the hard way, and if you pursue real health, you will learn it too. 

It's too bad that most food served at family gatherings, church gatherings, social events, and places of dining is not healthy food. Overcooked and over- processed, with just a smattering of real food, the fare is a bland blend of killed ingredients that can be made palatable only by adding salt, oil, flavorings and sugar. It doesn't have to be that way. Food can be celebratory for those special occasions and still be delicious and healthy too. Someone just has to be willing to go to that realm for the rest of us and do the pursuit, and then the rest of us have to be willing to change our unhealthy traditions.

But hey, there are our relatives and friends at the table with that unhealthy food, and we want to visit. Eating with them is expected. We'll just indulge and temporarily forget our eating standards. A little bit won't hurt, will it? After all, we're healthy. We should be able to stand a little junk, right?

No, it's not right and yes, it will hurt. That's what I said. A two-edged sword. Stick with your standards and you will enjoy health far surpassing that of your past. But if you consistently eat for health and then cheat by eating standard, killed, unclean fare, you will become tired and ill, almost as if you've just been poisoned; more ill than those who eat junk all the time. Either they have developed a tolerance for the junk, or they just don't notice their constant ill health until it's very, very bad. You have lost tolerance. And because you feel bouncy and energetic all the time, you will quickly notice when you don't. I bet those African delegates were having problems even as they spoke.

But stay with healthy food and you can run and not be weary - indeed exertion energizes you as long as you nurture your health and not your lust. The Word of Wisdom is prophetic. It could not have been guessed at. It's a beginning foundation. Take it and run with it. Obey its message, and go beyond it, as good advice from Jesus Christ, your all-knowing, respected friend.

For Further Pursuit
Recommended Viewing


If you are interested in further pursuit, will give you a good start while not taking a lot of your time.

The DVD documentary Fat Sick and Nearly Dead is great for those who are still relatively healthy. It's very entertaining also. Netflix has it, but outside of them it's so much in demand that it might be difficult to purchase without a lag time. E-bay may have it. This DVD will show you a method of achieving heath that works and can be modified to suit your needs or desire.

If you and/or a loved one are not relatively healthy but instead seriously ill with any kind of degenerative or terminal disease, add these:

The Beautiful Truth & Dying to Have Known ------ These DVD's might be shocking to you at first, but as you will see in the movies themselves, the information presented is becoming common knowledge, and is considered successful alternative treatment for serious illness in most of the rest of the world. It's just in our nation that it is disallowed and suppressed.

Once past the shock of seeing mainstream medicine challenged in startling ways, the information you will receive is so refreshing. It's much less expensive than mainstream medicine, has no toxic side effects, and it works for so many. Finding this information is not a hard task. No game of hide and seek. Take a look. Do just that much at first. Experiment upon the word.

More recently, the book Forbidden Health: Incurable was Yesterday by Andreas Kalcker - Added August of 2021 - I have used the information in this book for a year now. For me it performed miracles, among them my tolerance for Einkorn wheat. If you can't find it contact me.

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