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Satisfied customers is my goal. I want you happy. I want you to like my arrangements and get more of them. I want you to tell your friends about Everlasting Life Decor. I have sold to hundreds of customers. I would like to say none have been dissatisfied, but of course there have been some. I have accepted returns and refunded money to most, but there have been three or four who were being difficult and dishonest. I found myself feeling like I needed protection from that type, so the following satisfaction policy has evolved to protect you and me too.

Really big wreaths will have me panting and I scratched my head over the preserved Christmas trees, figuring out how to do them, and sometimes a customer's wish is almost an impossibility. But I relish the challenge and the big wreath exercise is good for me. I truly enjoy making custom pieces.


I talk or email back and forth with you to get to know you and your desires, and then I do my utmost to please you. It is a service I take very seriously, and it is a service - not a product. If you have something specific in mind, you need to describe what you desire. I'll ask you questions to get the answers I need. This helps you in your description. Together we arrive at the decisions needed for me to begin building. 

Wall or door wreaths of standard size and small door wreaths: - Upon first seeing your new arrangement, if you are not satisfied, I will work to satisfy you, but please keep the arrangement tightly zip tied to the box. Then email or call me at 1-479-677-2679. We will then together decide what needs to be done; a repair, a modification, or a return. If we decide a return and refund (excluding shipping) is necessary, having kept it tightly attached to the box will make it easy for you to ship it back to me in new condition. If you have not kept it attached to the box, when you call, I will tell you how to make it safe for shipping. Be sure to email or call and get a return number. Without it, I cannot accept a return. 

On other custom orders - (Christmas trees, table vase arrangements, big wreaths larger than 3' or extra small wreaths, topiaries, wedding arrangements, etc.) I'm glad to do them but cannot resell them and don't make enough profit to absorb the loss, so once I have gone and bought the supplies to fill your custom order, the order is final unless, of course, the item is damaged in shipping where the shipping company needs to be consulted. If you desire a number of small, large or odd items, and don't feel sure of the outcome, perhaps it would be best to first order a trial item rather than making a huge purchase of many items right at first. My repeat customers are comfortable with me, but I can understand a new client wanting to be sure before making a large order.

Call me (1-479-677-2679) if you would like to get specific information on the return policy for what you have in mind. I'll be happy to talk with you and email you the information too.

Privacy & Security



I know you like privacy as much as I do. Unless I'm notifying you of a sale, you'll not receive unsolicited email from me. Any information you give me will not be given or sold to others. All credit card information is handled through secure transaction services. If you prefer to not enter your credit card information online, I can take your order by phone at 1-479-677-2679.



Shipping charges are dependent upon the weight of the wreath, the size of the wreath box, and where you are located.

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