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The Natural Hoof Farrier

Services and Pricing

As a Farrier my professional expertise extends to:

Cold shoeing
Hot shoeing and forge work
Therapeutic shoeing
Horses with laminitis and other lameness
Shoeing draft horses
Mules and mule shoes
Standard and natural trimming


Now I exclusively do natural hoof care

Clinics, Talks, Demo's, Personal Coaching

Yes, I do give lessons, clinics, talks and demonstrations. You may be a horse owner, a rider, a trail riding club, a 4H club, or a horse show association wanting to better educate your membership. I'll do a presentation or an open forum question/answer session pertaining to hoof care. If you're a farrier, yes, I coach other farriers on natural hoof care.


For more information call me and ask for Brian 479-677-2679.


Questions You May Have About Me


Q. Do you Beat Horses?

A. No I never beat horses -- ever!


Q. Do you discipline horses you work on?

A. Yes, I do -- sometimes a tap or calculated jab in the ribs to get their attention. I only hit a horse if they bite, kick or they're going to literally use me for a seat cushion. I never discipline in anger.


Q. Do you use behavioral drugs on horses to shoe them?

A. 2 Part Answer. 1. I never personally drug horses under any circumstance. Any drugs used during a procedure will be administered by a veterinarian, under veterinary supervision only, per veterinary recommendation. 2. Only for special cases such as horses with serious Laminitis (Founder) might I recommend using some kind of pain killer. But - I never have yet.


Q. Do you give horses trimming/hoof care training lessons?


A. Yes I do. A training session costs the same as an actual work session.


Q. Do I make emergency calls?


A. Yes I do.


Q. Do emergency calls cost more?

A. Yes, absolutely.


Q. Will you work with a Vet on a lame horse?

A. Yes, I prefer to work with a vet when dealing

with a lame horse.

New 2018
Service Price List

I now charge a $40.00 service call fee.
In figuring out the cost of your horse's hoof care, please remember my Service Fee.


Natural Trims $40.00
Cash Price $35.00


Trimming Lessons for green horses-$60.00/hr

Horse Training Lessons - $60.00 per hour.


Natural Hoof Care Classes
Because distance and situations vary- call for price.


For More Information
Call Brian @ 479-677-2679


Pettigrew,AR 72752

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